Small is Beautiful - Music

Community and Young People

Small is Beautiful – Music offers range of packages for schools, introducing children to classical music in an enjoyable and informative way, engaging their listening skills and including some audience participation

At Small is Beautiful – Music, we are committed to sharing the powerful and exciting experience of live music with young people through our family concerts and school performances.

We introduce children to new worlds of sound, perhaps inspiring their own musical journeys.

We also organise “Sharing The Journey” concerts which give performing opportunities to young instrumentalists

‘Eeyore has a birthday’

Our story in words and music by Jon Deak features, three contrasting instruments. Children love the sheer size and drama of the double bass representing Winnie the Pooh, with our pianist taking the role of Piglet and the music of Eeyore (the gloomy donkey) played on the Viola.

We offer three programmes depending on time and space available. Our full ‘Animals’ programme of one hours length includes ‘Eeyore has a birthday’ and also introduces music of famous composers such as Beethoven and Brahms with secret animal connections!
A shorter package focuses on the Eeyore piece and we also offer a half hour interactive programme on rhythm and pulse related to National Curriculum Key stage 1, which can be performed in smaller spaces including individual classrooms.

It was fascinating to see children as young as 3, adults with special needs and others all sitting transfixed